St Paul's
United Church of Christ
Our Fellowship Fellowship is a major component of St. Paul’s Church.  From a Sunday ritual of “passing of the peace” to each and every Sunday worshiper to social breakfasts and holiday events, St. Paul’s offers a warm friendly atmosphere of comradeship and fellowship.

We are truly lucky to have a basement area at the church outfitted with a complete kitchen. We gather here after church services for refreshments and fellowship. We also use this area for special events such as the Mother's day and Father's day breakfasts.

The Sunday school also sponsors a “Talent Show and Potluck Suppert” in the Spring, complete with professional entertainment.  An event of social fun for all members of the families that shouldn’t be missed!  We all enjoy these times to be together while sharing our stories, ideas, and dreams.

Special Fellowship Events


St. Paul's is a little country church in Swiftwater, that began so many years ago with horse and buggies tied outside it’s stone wall. It truly has a grass roots lineage, that still exemplifies a familial social intimacy over 100 years later.  

We have a fun tradition for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  The Father’s and Son’s cook a homemade breakfast for the Mother’s on their special day, and then the Mother’s and Daughter’s return the favor for Father’s Day.  

Our Annual Chicken BBQ Fundraiser We join together with our friends and neighbors on the first Saturday in August to prepare an amazing feast of chichken barbqued over an open grill and served with all the trimmings. It is a wonderful time of fellowship and fun as we raise funds to help support our church.

Christmas is always a special time at St. Paul’s.  The Candlelight Christmas Eve Service is not only breathtakingly beautiful with it’s many holiday decorations, but a very warm and moving experience as it ends with the entire congregation standing in a circle around the sanctuary passing the “Light of the World of Jesus” from one candle to the next while singing Silent night to beautiful multi instrumental music accompaniment. 

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