St Paul's
United Church of Christ
Welcome to Our Church! St. Paul’s United Church of Christ is a 150 year old church that started as a German Reformed Church and is now part of the United Church of Christ.  We are a small, friendly and diversified congregation who welcome all with open arms.


Come and worship with us, every Sunday, at 9:30am.  Sunday School begins after the Children’s Sermon part of the service.


St. Paul’s United
Church of Christ

406 Upper Swiftwater Rd Corner of Upper Swiftwater Rd & Old Schoolhouse Rd
Post Office Box 161
Swiftwater, PA 18370
(570) 839-0730

Our Pastor

Reverend Joan M. Kistler

I began my Christian education as a young child in the Missouri-Synod Lutheran church, and I remember dedicating my life in service to the Lord on a retreat when I was thirteen years old. Right after high school, I attended Concordia College in Bronxville, NY, intending to teach English at a Missouri-Synod high school.

In my third year at Concordia, I experienced a “dark night of the soul” that ended with my dropping out of college, leaving the Missouri-Synod Lutheran Church, and one day, dropping down on my knees and asking God, “Who are You?” This was the beginning of a spiritual journey that included ten years in the Unitarian Universalist Church.

During my time in the UU church, I found that I loved learning about world religions, which greatly helped me to redefine my relationship with God and the Lord. Eventually, I felt a strong urge to return to the Christian Church and reclaim my promise to serve the Lord. After church hopping for a while, I found my new home here at Saint Paul’s.

While attending Saint Paul’s, I began studying at the New Vision Interfaith/Interspiritual Seminary in New York, New York, and I was ordained in June 2013 as an Interfaith/Interspiritual minister. I believe that all true religions share one underlying truth: God is love, and we are eternally joined with Him and all of Creation in Christ.

I currently teach technology classes at ESU and GED classes at MCTI. I am also a tutor with the online writing lab at LCCC. I enjoy meditation, reading, writing, singing, listening to music, and going out to eat. I live in Easton, PA with my wife, Tabatha, and our spirited labra-doodle, Jackson. I currently lead A Course in Miracles study group in Easton.

Our Mission Our Mission is to use the resources God has given us to welcome all God’s children, to bring hope and love to our community, and to reach out for justice, equality and peace for all.

Our services include a special "Time for the Children" where a story translates the day's scripture readings into a real life scenario that is easy for children to understand.

After the explaination the children take up a special "Noisy Offering" of loose change from the congregation which is used to beneifit local missions and needy families.



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